Apron Gift Bag

With a few extra, simple steps, the basic apron card was transformed into a gift bag.  This is the perfect way to present a hostess gift at a barbecue — just add a bit of tissue paper and a few jars of spices.  Or, it would be perfect for a birthday or father’s day gift — just pop a gift certificate into the front pocket to the local butcher shop and add a few barbecueing essentials – salt, pepper, spices, etc., and the gift is ready to give!  If you change the paper, you could fill it with seed packets and add a gift certificate to the local garden shop for your favorite gardener.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Click on the video below to see the step-by-step directions onhow to make this very versatile gift box.

I’d love to see how you use it!

Happy Stampin’!

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