Baby Girl Dress

Day 4 of  Baby Clothes Week takes the basic template and, with one minor change, the onsie  becomes a dress. To see how to modify the template, click on the video.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fancy Baby Girl Onsie

Today’s onsie card is made using the template from yesterday and with a change of papers and embellishments, takes a simple onsie and makes it a “fancy” one!  Don’t you just love the ruffled ribbon? Click on the video to see how this card was made. If you have any questions about this project or …

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Embossed Baby Girl Onsie

Today’s baby clothing card is a simple embosed card.  Just like yesterday, once you make the template, you can create many different styles — a huge wardrobe! Get the measurements for the template and to see step-by-step how this card was made, click on the video below.  As always, I am happy to answer any …

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Baby Overalls Card

Today is the first day of baby clothing card week.  Today’s card does involve a bit of measuring, but once you’ve made a template for the pattern, you can crank these out super quick. You can get all the measurements to make the template as well as step-by-step directions in the video below: I’m happy …

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Apron Gift Bag

With a few extra, simple steps, the basic apron card was transformed into a gift bag.  This is the perfect way to present a hostess gift at a barbecue — just add a bit of tissue paper and a few jars of spices.  Or, it would be perfect for a birthday or father’s day gift …

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Hardware Store Apron Card

I made this card to resemble the Home Depot aprons their employees wear, and I think it looks pretty close.  It’s perfect for so many occasions — a thank you for someone who did some work for you; someone who just bought their first home (which will entail lots of projects), a birthday card for …

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